Book Haul: September 2018

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So I`ve been on a bit of a book buying kick lately, which is the opposite of a problem. 
On Friday I went into Crediton, Devon to my favorite bookstore. It’s the kind of store where if you move 1 book, 10 books may fall over (spoiler: this happened to me) but you always walk out with at least one gem. I`ve inserted a picture inside the store below.

Taken on my phone – Copyright ©️
So I picked up a book on Greek mythology which I`m excited to read, because since my childhood love of the Percy Jackson books I`ve had an interest in Greek mythology!
My next find is Treasured Tales from Beatrix Potter, I picked this up as I`ve been a lifelong fan of the world and works of Beatrix Potter. I adore her stories and the Illustrations are adorable so I was very glad to add this to my collection.
I also picked up a book by Matt Ridley – a scientist who famously published a book on the Red Queen Hypothesis in 1993. So I will be very interested to read his book on Human Genomes.
Finally, I bought David Copperfield, a classic book by Charles Dickens. I remember reading this novel as a child, but I won’t be reading this edition as it is so old. I like to collect old/interesting books so this will be a nice addition to my collection. All of my books and one for my boyfriend (a book on bridges) came to £8 which is ridiculously cheap! If you`re ever in Devon definitely go check out the Once Read Book Store.

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