5 Top Tips: Charity Shop Book Shopping

Wow, that title is a mouthful! Over the years I`ve found sooo many incredible books in charity shops. Yet many of my friends have commented that the chaotic nature of these shops has put them off shopping there.   

I`ve found the best way to go book shopping in a charity shop is to strategize with 5 simple rules.

  1. Donโ€™t go in looking for a particular book 

An easy mistake to make when shopping second hand is too go in with a shopping list. Whenever I go looking for a book, I never find it (unless it’s something super popular like Harry Potter, LOTR etc). Go in with an open mind and you`ll be sure to leave with a reasonably priced treasure.  

2. Try not to get overexcited about the cheap prices  

 One of the key benefits of second-hand book shopping is the price. But this massive benefit can sometimes lead to buying books you know deep down in the pit of your book-loving heart you will never read.  Try to stick to what you know you will read.

3. Learn the layout

It’s worth learning the layout of your local stores and its really worth keeping an eye on display stands for special editions (I once picked up some OLD Lord Of The Rings books – ยฃ20 for the lot *the best feeling*).

4. Visit Regularly

It’s worth checking in regularly due to the nature of the shop, people are always bringing in new stock and the good stuff will go quickly. Getting there early in the morning would be best as you miss the crowds and get the first pickings.

5. Go to different areas

I personally live in the city and rarely find anything good in the Highstreet stores. Popping to a nearby town/village for some mysterious reason always leads to better books. Give it a go!

Comment below your top tip!

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