February 2019 Book Haul!

So the book goblins have struck again. Because there is absolutely no way I bought more books. Nope, not me.

1.So the first book that I definitely didn’t pick up in a charity shop is Eragon. Most people probably read this as a kid, but not me. I’m hoping that I enjoy it.

2. Stephen Fry and Greek Myths = ❀ . I’ve been wanting to read Mythos for a while and when I saw it for Β£4 on Amazon prime I bought it.

3. I picked up Seraphina from a charity shop after checking the Goodreads reviews. Rick Riordan said he liked it and honestly that’s good enough for me lol.

4. Okay so Fallen is a guilty pleasure buy, I watched the film a while ago and thought it was trash, so naturally, I now want to read the book. I got this one from a charity shop two for Β£2. 

5. The Familiars is my latest read, I really love it. I got a signed copy of this book on preorder from Waterstones.

6. I picked up The Grapes of Wrath for just 50P from a charity store! I want to read all of the classics before I die so this is a great addition to my library.

P.S I also picked up The Girl on the Train but forgot to photograph it.

What books have you picked up recently?

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32 thoughts on “February 2019 Book Haul!

  1. I only read Fallen and I thought the book was trash too lol. I don’t even wanna know how the movie was πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Great haul!!


  2. I remember really liking Eragon when I first read it. i hope you enjoy it. I have Seraphina and need to get to it this year. But excuse me! Stephen Fry wrote a book about Greek Myths? Hold my calls, I’m going book shopping!!! Great haul

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  3. So everyone thought I liked Eragon and bought me all the books, even preordered me the last two…but I never read them lol, I finally got rid of them a couple of years back and gave the nice set to my nephew. I tried to read Eragon but I couldn’t get into it, I hope you love it though! I definitely love your edition of Grapes of Wrath! And I’m really curious about Seraphina now, not to mention The Familiars has a gorgeous cover….over all, I’m like ‘two thumbs up!’ on your haul lol


  4. ahahah “I’ve watched the film recently and it was trash, so naturally I wanted to read the book” that was funny to me for whatever reason xD I sure hope you’d enjoy the book, atleast!
    I’ve heard alot of people talk about Eragon but alas, I’ve never read it either.

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  5. Can I recommend a book for you to read and then tell me what you think of it? I picked it up sometime ago and its kind of old so am not sure if you will find it but can I?

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      1. Umm, it’s this book called The Sacred and Profane Love Machine by Iris Murdoch . It’s actually the book I did a review about but I feel like I need someone to discuss it with

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