My Unexplored Genre: Sci-FI

When I think of Science Fiction my mind conjures up images of aliens, spaceships and Star Trek. Whilst I love movie and TV adaptions of Sci-Fi, the book genre has never appealed to me and I’m not too sure why, because who doesn’t want to read about time travelling robots with lasers???

In my whole life I think I’ve only read a few Sci-Fi books these include ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ and ‘Hamartia’, both of which I absolutely loved. I’ve enjoyed the books that I’ve read in the genre but not looked for more. I think this passiveness regarding seeking out science fiction has a link with growing up as a girl. I was one of those kids that grew up believing that Sci-Fi was for boys, the same way that romances are for girls. This is of course utter bollocks, but I do feel like its a sentiment that many of us are familiar with.

The stereotype of Sci-Fi being for boys is particularly surprising, given that the birth of the genre is regularly credited to Mary Shelley, who famously wrote the classic novel Frankenstein .However, data does seem to support the stereotype, in fact statistics from the publishing company Tor Books shows that only 22% of Science Fiction books submitted for publication are written by women*. Showing that there is a definitive skew in author representation.

In the future I want to boldly read what i have seldom read before (not as snappy as the original is it) so that I can proudly say that Sci-fi is no longer an unexplored genre.

I encourage you all to try and think of a genre you haven’t really delved into and consider why. Also, If anyone has any Sci-fi recommendations I would love to hear them! . Happy Reading!

* Source Article

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11 thoughts on “My Unexplored Genre: Sci-FI

  1. I’ve read books from genres I wouldn’t usually read. Last year or maybe the year before I read crime and what would be called ‘chic lit’ (I term I hate) and enjoyed them. I don’t read much sci-fi either and it’s a genre I want to read more of. I like reading outside my comfort zone, books I wouldn’t usually pick. I was recommend to read Arthur C. Clarke so that’s where I’m going to start. I couldn’t really get into Hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy. I also want to read more YA as I have a negative view of it, I think I’ve just read the wrong ones. Eventually when my tbr is smaller I will.

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  2. I feel like this post relates to me so much cause honestly I have never been interested in reading a SciFi book…even watching the movies takes a lot of effort. It makes sense, growing up I just thought they were boyish.

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