Book Review: Dear Justice League by Micheal Northrop


Does Superman ever make mistakes? What was Wonder Woman’s eleventh birthday like? Does Aquaman smell like fish? In this new middle-grade graphic novel, iconic heroes are asked questions both big and small, and when they are not busy saving the world, the Justice League even finds time to respond. Their honest and humorous answers will surprise and delight readers of any age, as it turns out that being a superhero is not too different from being a kid. 

Full of feats, follies, and colorful illustrations, Dear Justice League gives readers the inside scoop into everyday heroics, no matter who wears the cape! 

My Review:

I’m a bit of a comic book/graphic novel novice to be honest so I was quite excited to dip my toes in with this middle grade superhero offering. The Illustrator Gustavo Duarte has a done an amazing job making the well know comic book heroes into friendly looking figures.  

The premise of the book is the DC superheroes answering fan mail with funnily human responses. The vocabulary and the stories told are perfect for the target middle grade but everyone would find it enjoyable.  

My favourite part is Hawkgirl’s section where she was asked about her eating habits, the response was so funny and sweet! There was also a story arc weaved in where all of the heroes have to pull together to defeat the enemy which I adored.  

Such an enjoyable light read and well worth picking up if like me you want to dip your toes into the graphic novel arena.  

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