Halloween: The 5 Scariest Things About Books

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It’s Halloween!!! I’m starting with this list of scary book related issues and how they rank on the scary meter.

5. Starting on number 5 of the Terror meter is Regional Dialects. Enough to make some us shudder this is ranking low in the fear department. That said I did stop reading Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy because of the hard to decipher dialogue..

4. Moving slightly up on the fear factor is BIG Books. I don’t like big books and I cannot lie. Well… I do, once I actually start to read them. They just look so scary and I’m looking at you Priory of the Orange Tree.

3. Coming in hot at number 3 is Hyped Books. These can can actually be pretty scary when EVERYONE loves a book and you don’t. Especially when your a book reviewer and your going too have to write a review that you know isnt going to be popular.

2. In at number 2 is an out of control TBR. Be it a full bookcase of unread books, a unrealistic amount of Net Galley books to read and review or even a massive goodreads TBR. The stress is REAL on this one.

1. And finally the number 1 scariest book related thing is…. MOVIE ADAPTATIONS. I’m going to be honest this comes from a place of trauma, the Percy Jackson movies F’d me up. Talk about trust issues. You’re whole childhood butchered by a single movie and they couldn’t even get riptide right. *cries in ruined dream*.

5 thoughts on “Halloween: The 5 Scariest Things About Books

  1. Great list, Elysia. I share your thoughts on some of these things – the regional dialect in Wuthering Heights was difficult to process at first, and hyped books often make me feel pressure to read them AND enjoy them.


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