Bookish Gift Ideas under £20

Halloween has passed, tis the season to start thinking about what to get book loving loved ones for Christmas. Check out my gift guide below. *not sponsored/affiliated*

The Snuggler – For the friend (or the you) who loves nothing more than snuggling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

Tea Selection, £13.99 on Amazon Prime
Fleece Blanket, £8.99 on Amazon Prime

The Beauty lover – For the book lover who loves beauty as much as Romeo loves Juliet.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette, On Sale for £20 on Storybook Cosmetics
Prince Cardan Lip Balm CRUEL PRINCE image 0
Lip Balm, £3.25 on Etsy

The Lender – For the friend (or the you) who loves to share their books with friends and family.

Owl Book Stamp £14.58+ on Etsy
LIBRARY STAMP LIBRARY of Stamp Custom Library Stamp Book image 0
Personalised Book Stamp £11.38+ on Etsy

The Classic Lover – Jane Austen would definitely get an invite to their dinner party! For the friend or you who loves an old school read.

The Little Prince Socks, £9.99 from The Literary Gift Company
A beautiful copy of Little Women, £18.99 on Amazon

The Busy one – For the friend (or the you) who reads on the go.

Personalised Book Marks, £6.00 From Etsy
Book sleeve, £10.59 on Amazon

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I Hope you’ve gained some Christmas gift inspiration! Let me know below what bookish things you’re asking for this year 🎅🏻

2 thoughts on “Bookish Gift Ideas under £20

  1. Ohh I especially love the « from the library of » stamp! Unless they tear the page or something, they can’t deny it’s your book 😂 ahaha

    I love to read thoses « gift ideas for.. » post, always that little something I wouldn’t had thought of.

    Liked by 1 person

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