Book Tag: Fall Bucket List

I have been tagged by Soph, go check out her fab post HERE! And whoops for it being nearly winter!!


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This book makes me jump for joy because of how beautiful is, under the dust jacket is a beautiful gold butterfly and the end pages are just so dreamy.

This children’s book is one of my 2019 5* reads, Its so lovely and heartwarming with such an emphasis on the importance of family.

This lovely fun book about cows has the BEST friendships! it was so interesting to read about the personalities and friendships between these beautiful animals.

Definitely one of the most hyped books in my collection, I did really enjoy this book and will be reading the next books in the series soon.

Emma is such a classic Jane Austin Satire of the upper classes, I love the story and the growth of the meddling main character.

I’ll tag some of you lovely people over on Twitter but if your reading this then you are tagged!! 🌻

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