Valentines Day: Literary Romances

Its Valentines season and we’re all thinking about love, with that in mind I’ve put together this small list of some of my favourite romances in literature.

Carden and Jude

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Carden and Jude are the staring players in the masssivley popular book by Holly Black. The arc of their romance is definitely controversial due to their love/hate relationship and high pressure obligations. As they say diamonds are made under pressure.

Prince Llewellyn & Joanna Plantagenet


I’m definitely biased with this one as “Here be Dragons” is one of my all time favourite books. It follows the life of Joanna, the real life daughter of King John (the one we all hate in Robin hood) and honestly paints him in a much more historically accurate way. Joanna is placed in a political marriage to the Prince of Wales and despite it all they fall in love. She is constantly torn between the love of her English family and her husband and his people. I love that this romance is based on real people and seriously recommend this book to any historical fiction fans.

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Dary

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Is it even a romance list if Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy aren’t on it? This iconic couple from the classic Jane Austen Novel Pride and Prejudice have reached classic level for a reason. Elizabeth is the smart female protagonist we just love to see, especially in a book so old. The relationship between the two characters is much more subtle than modern novels, demonstrating the incredible writing craft of Jane Austen. A great book to read if you want a classic romance with a guaranteed happy ending.

Clary & Jace

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Clary and Jace are that YA couple that we all have rooted for, they have so many barriers and obstacles to face but they break them all down for their love of one another. They are pretty much the teenage dream and have a massive fandom to boot. Definitely a love for the ages.

Who’s your favourite literary couple?

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