Blog Tour: What Beauty there is by Cory Anderson

Synopsis: Jack Morton has nothing left. Except his younger brother, Matty, who he’d do anything for. Even die for. Now with their mother gone, and their funds quickly dwindling, Jack needs to make a choice: lose his brother to foster care, or find the drug money that sent his father to prison. He chooses the money.
Ava Bardem lives in isolation, a life of silence. For seventeen years her father has controlled her fate. He has taught her to love no one. Trust no one. Now Victor Bardem is stalking the same money as Jack. When he picks up Jack’s trail, Ava must make her own wrenching choice: remain silent or help the brothers survive.
Choices. They come at a price.

Review: A sad addictive trip of a novel, so beautifully descriptive I felt cold reading it. Jack finds himself the sole protector of his brother whilst still being a child himself, his desperation to take care of his little brother Matty influences almost every awful decision he has to make. The Love between the characters is the overarching theme in the midst of all the terrible things that these children go through providing hope even in the darkest moments of the novel. Both victims of their parents crimes Ava and Jack are inexplicably drawn together.
The writing style is beautiful especially the depictions of the Idaho winter and the biting cold. The language is emotive and direct, adding to the raw feeling of the book. If I had to improve anything I would have preferred if there was a slightly different structure but that’s down to reader preference. whilst I personally wouldn’t put this in the YA box due to the gritty themes of violence and drugs. Lovers of atmospheric thrillers will love this one!

I think this novel is stunningly beautiful, and an incredible debut from Cory Anderson, I look forward to the continuation of this story and others to come.

Writer Cory Anderson

About the Author: Cory Anderson is a winner of the League of Utah Writers Young Adult Novel
Award and Grand Prize in the Storymakers Conference First Chapter Contest. She
lives in Utah with her family. What Beauty There Is is her debut novel.

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