Post Pandemic Bookish Wishlist

Here is my short list of bookish things I’m looking forward too!

Going to an actual bookstore
I cannot wait to go back to my local Waterstones and look at all the beautiful displays of new books and pick out one to come home and sit on my shelf to be ignored for a few years. I’d also love to go back to London and do another bookshop tour as they have so many fabulous independent stores.

Taking a Book to a café
One of my favourite places to read is in a Café with a nice cup of coffee, I enjoy putting my phone down for a short time and actually enjoying being out people watching, reading and enjoying a hot drink. It’s not quite the same at the moment with a takeout.

Going to a Book signing/meet the author
I absolutely adore going to a book signing, its always such a great atmosphere and its so exciting to meet and author even when I haven’t read their work yet, you never know they could be the next classic author of our generation! Massively looking forward to these!

Going to the library
Who doesn’t love the library! well a few people I know haha, I get it the forced silence periodically pierced by noisy children, not exactly the dream hangout spot! But, I still love it, free books is always a blessing and it’s nice to browse books you might never buy but are happy to give a go when it costs nothing but time. I’ve personally found a few treasure this way.

I’d love to hear what your most looking forward to!

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