Review Policy

*Review Requests are currently closed*

I am open to review requests from authors and publishers with an understanding of the following…

  1. I am under no obligation to accept a review request. I will always try to contact you with my answer within 48hrs.
  2. My Key Genre Interests include Fiction, Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Crime Fiction, Paranormal, Non-Fiction and Classic Novels.
  3. All reviews are my own honest opinion and receiving a book to review will not change this fact.
  4. My preferred format is hard copies so I can take my own photograph of the book. That said if the story really interests me then I will happily accept a PDF etc.
  5. My Reviews are posted on my Blog and on Goodreads, I can also post on Amazon if requested.
  6. I always disclose the book source.
  7. If a timeframe for posting is preferred do let me know and I will try to make it happen. That said I have other commitments which may sometimes take precedence.
  8. I will never trash a book or an author, I will always aim for any criticism to be valid and constructive.

Book Review Rating System

1 ⭐: Bad. I won’t be recommending any book I’ve rated 1 star to my readers. The book could be very poorly written, distasteful in content, and just generally bad.

2 ⭐: Okay but could be better. I didn’t like or dislike the book, and/or the writing is bad.

3⭐: Good. I liked it well enough and would recommend to some of my audience.

4 ⭐: I Really Liked it! The book is well written and has a solid story/plot. I will definitely be recommending this book!

5⭐: God Tier. Few make it, I think I have given less than 10 books 5 stars in my life. I love this book SO much and I will sing from the rooftops about how good it is! I will recommend to everyone.