Book Review: After She’s Gone by Camilla Grebe

Author: Camilla Grebe Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre Series or Standalone: Book 2, but does work as a standalone. Genre: Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Scandi-Noir Source: This book was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a review via Readers First.  Goodreads Rating: 3.81 🌳Buy it on Amazon🌳   "It’s hard to find the courage to be the person you are inside”  Synopsis: " A case as … Continue reading Book Review: After She’s Gone by Camilla Grebe

5 Top Tips: Charity Shop Book Shopping

Wow, that title is a mouthful! Over the years I`ve found sooo many incredible books in charity shops. Yet many of my friends have commented that the chaotic nature of these shops has put them off shopping there.    I`ve found the best way to go book shopping in a charity shop is to strategize with 5 simple rules. Don’t go in … Continue reading 5 Top Tips: Charity Shop Book Shopping

Book Review: Favourite Greek Myths

© Copyright Image   Written by: Lilian Stoughton Hyde  Series or Standalone: Standalone  Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Classics  Source: Bought   Goodreads Rating: 3.88  Buy it on Amazon here!  ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "She was so beautiful that the whole sky flushed pink with pleasure”  Synopsis:  "In the preparation of this book, the aim has been to present in a manner suited to young … Continue reading Book Review: Favourite Greek Myths