5 Top Tips: Charity Shop Book Shopping

Wow, that title is a mouthful! Over the years I`ve found sooo many incredible books in charity shops. Yet many of my friends have commented that the chaotic nature of these shops has put them off shopping there.    I`ve found the best way to go book shopping in a charity shop is to strategize with 5 simple rules. Don’t go in … Continue reading 5 Top Tips: Charity Shop Book Shopping

Book Haul: Persephone Books London

When planning my recent trip to London, I wanted to pick up a unique souvenir. Whilst doing my research online I stumbled across the independent bookshop Persephone Books. The website promised bestselling out of print books from the 20th century primarily written by female authors. Intrigued I planned a visit. Once in London, I found … Continue reading Book Haul: Persephone Books London